Customized Dashboards Help You Visualize and Transform Your Data

Data Lab for Finance

Stay up to date with the latest business intelligence by accessing the day-to-day financial data in your organization with fast access to your key performance indicators (KPIs). Our financial dashboards include financial charts and graphs that deliver the level of financial insight you need to increase performance, efficiency and ensure the long-term success of your business.

Revenue and Cost

Track your revenue and overhead of your accounts by total revenue and average monthly revenue. You can also calculate total labor and average monthly pay run costs.

Accounts and Contracts

Monitor your client list and active contracts. Calculate monthly invoice totals, revenue by account, bill item, and contract type.

Overtime Cost

Keep track of overtime costs, overtime cost ratio, and overtime costs per account.

Data Lab for Operations

Keep the regular operations of your organization front and center as you uncover insights and recognize emerging trends. Sort, filter, or drill down into your data to identify what is happening on the ground, why, and when, and make swift data-driven business decisions on what to do next.


Track incident reports in real-time by location, severity, category, or type.


Manage time-sensitive dispatch tasks by monitoring open dispatch reports by location, priority, or type.

Checkpoint Scans and Tours

Monitor all active or completed checkpoint tours and make sure checkpoint scans and tours are completed on schedule.

Schedule and Shifts

Stay up to date with schedules and monitor current, late, and vacant shifts. Keep an eye on overtime ratio, total overtime, and break compliance ratio.

Data Lab for Human Resources

Manage your security workforce with insights that improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Optimize workforce management by tracking, analyzing, and reporting on HR KPIs. Visualize employee performance, employee skills, attributes, and certifications, compensation, payroll, and more.

Employee Performance

View key metrics that reflect employee performance like missed shifts, incomplete checkpoint tours, early clock-outs, and missed checkpoint scans by employees.

Workforce Profile

Keep track of your workforce with a list of employees and their contact details. Review the skills, certifications, and experience of each employee.

Employee Compensation

Review salaries by rate, account, or employee class. Ensure employees receive the appropriate benefits to which they are entitled.

Payroll and Hours Worked

Monitor your payroll and payroll items and the hours your employees work.