Data Lab

Transform Your Data

Data Lab lets security organizations collect and transform data so they can unlock insights that will help them run smarter businesses. With intuitive tools to gather, visualize, and interpret data, Data Lab monitors key performance indicators (KPIs) through interactive dashboards.

Data Lab
for Managers & Admins

Let managers from different departments to make better-informed business decisions through easy access to customizable, function-based dashboards monitoring key performance indicators.

Data Lab
for Data Power Users

Enable power users to access and query live business data and unlock insights to answer specific business questions more efficiently than ever before. They can also create personalized reports using operational and performance data.

Data Lab Features

Data Lab was conceived and built on a deep understanding of today’s advanced reporting data needs in the security industry. Data Lab provides an agile, customizable solution that enables you to access, view, and depict your data in an easy-to-understand format. Data Lab’s customized dashboards allow you to quickly gain financial, operational, and human resource insights into your organization.

Customizable Dashboards

Customizable dashboards can help you visualize your data in an easy-to-view format. Make better decisions faster. Use our pre-defined dashboards or create your own to track revenue generation, overtime, incidents, checkpoints and tours, payroll, and more.

Built-in Query Language

Data querying has never been easier with TrackTik Query Language (TQL). If you are already familiar with Structured Query Languages (SQL), you’ll quickly recognize many of the features of TQL. TQL enables you to quickly respond to critical data requests and provide personalized reports as required.

Direct Access to Data

Data Lab makes sharing insights across the organization simple via a shareable link or a downloadable PDF. Democratize your data and make your digital assets accessible to everyone without requiring the involvement of IT.