The Power To Query Your Data

Data Lab TQL Features

TQL is short for TrackTik Query Language—a language we use to gather data and business intelligence from TrackTik and transform it into insightful reports. TQL is a simplified version of SQL that will allow you to get up and running in minutes, even if you don’t know SQL. With TQL, you can query your data to create widgets, graphical dashboards, and customized reports and share these insights with clients, colleagues, stakeholders, or across your entire organization.

Widgets are components that you can use as standalone charts, tables, or graphs or incorporate into dashboards. Choose the best widget type for the data that you would like to display. Available widgets include pie and line charts, horizontal charts, counters, gauges, summary tables, heat maps, and many more.

Simple to Use

Whether you are an advanced SQL user or have never written a query before, you will find Data Lab easy to use. Create widgets and dashboards right away using a simple graphical user interface, then modify and tweak the data directly in the widget from the dashboard.


When you need information quickly, generate it on the fly with a TQL query. Need a report on the number of regular, overtime, and holiday hours your employees worked during a specific pay period? Simply write the query and save it as a widget. In fact, you can create widgets out of any tracked metric in your TrackTik system.


As your security business grows, you can use TQL to access deeper insights on pay runs and customer financial metrics. Learn which of your services are most profitable—query patrol and dispatch data to assess operational efficiency and performance. Use customization to create personalized reports for your clients.