The physical security industry is currently undergoing a full digital transformation. The next phase of this transformation is for all technology systems to be fully connected. For the past two years, TrackTik has been evolving into a fully open developer and partner-friendly platform. Data Lab is the first step in our evolution.

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“TrackTik is a security workforce management platform that allows you to deliver security services. Data Lab is an extension of that. It provides you with the capacity to transform all the data you are collecting in TrackTik into relevant information for your clients and your operations.”

Simon Ferragne – Founder and CEO TrackTik Software

Data Lab

Data Lab is the first in a series of innovative tools that helps security companies make better-informed business decisions through easy access to customizable, function-based dashboards monitoring key performance indicators. Access, visualize and depict your data, and create countless customized reports to enhance operational efficiency and provide enhanced security service value to your clients.

Discover how Data Lab can translate large sets of data and key metrics into visually appealing charts, tables, and graphs, and help you monitor incidents and activities, spot trends, and share real-time insights across the organization.

Data API

Integrate with the TrackTik Data API and customize applications as required. With TrackTik’s Data API, you can connect to any data source (that includes an open-source API) and pull live information from TrackTik and push it into any software system you choose, including HR and payroll systems, ERP software, BI tools, database warehouses, and more.

TrackTik’s Data API is best suited for tech-savvy security companies with developer resources who want to leverage TrackTik’s API to create and customize external applications using TrackTik data sources.